Italian jewellery collection featuring genuine Murano glass ‘jewels’

Simply Murano design and make handmade jewellery featuring genuine Murano glass ‘jewels’ as the focal point of the jewellery collection. All of our Murano glass ‘jewels’ are handmade in Venice and many have 24 carat gold and pure Italian silver foils as part of the bead design. We are proud to work with some of the best workshops in Venice and the most skilled craftspeople who make all of our jewellery beads by hand and ‘to order’. None of the jewellery we make, or the Murano glass ‘jewels’ we use in our jewellery, are mass produced by ‘machines’. Our jewellery collection is authentic and beautiful, and features vibrant colours in both traditional and contemporary designs. As well as our collection of necklaces, bracelets, pendant and earrings, we also offer a range of Murano glass charm bead jewellery which is compatible with leading high street brands.




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